Who is that lady that comes every night?
maan5 maan5 dou1 cheut1 yin6 ge3 neui5 yan2 hai6 bin1 go3?

Dummy's short story

Hello! Maybe I never mentioned it, but I love to write. My dream at one point in my life was to become a writer. I might not be an amazing writer, but I have a short story written. I think it can be helpful for Cantonese learning. I will interpret line by line. From the beginning of a sentence to a full stop. Note that the interpretation is not word for word but meaning for meaning.

If you like my story, let me know! If you don’t, also let me know. I am really working on publishing a Cantonese English story. I am still working at it though!

Disclaimer: This story is set at an unknown location. This story is purely fictitious and if anyone runs into a similar situation, it is simply a coincidence. This story involves the paranormal and Chinese superstitions. If you don’t feel comfortable, please enjoy my other episodes.


kei4 man4 hai6 si4 hau6 yiu3 chyu5 lei5 dai6 yi6 go3 dong2 on3.

It’s time for Kieran to move on to the next file.


「tai2 ha5 sin1. yu4 ngaai6 mei5. man6 tai4: bei2 fong2 dung1 ge3 chin4 chai1 ji1 yiu2. seung6 sou3 dou3/dou2 gou1 dang2 faat3 yun2. hou2 la1, cheut1 faat3 la1.」

“Let’s see. Amy Yu. Issue: Harassed by landlord’s ex wife. Appealed to the High Court. Alright, let’s get going.”


gaan1/gaan3 uk1 hai6 yat1 gaan1 leung5 chang4 ge3 hung4 sik1 jyun1 uk1. kei4 man4 wan2 dou22 lau4/lau2 daan1 wai2 dou6 mun4. keui5 gam6 mun4 jung1, ji1 hau6 yau5 yat1 go3 gai3 sai3 sai3 dyun2 tau4 faat3 daai3 ngaan5 geng2 ge3 a3 jau1 neui5 yan2 daai3 jyu6 go3 hau2 jaau3 cheut1 lai4 ying4 jip3 keui5.

It’s a 2 storey house with red bricks. Kieran finds the door to the 2/F unit. He rings the doorbell and a little short-haired Asian lady with glasses shows up with a mask to greet him.


「nei5 hou2 a3 siu2 je2. ngo5 hai6 hai2 si5 jing3 fu2 dou6 lai4 ga3. ni1 go3 hai6 ngo5 ge3 yun4 gung1 jing3. ngo5 lai4 ni1 dou6 hai6 seung2 gong2 gwaan1 yu1 yat1 daan1 sip3 kap6 nei5 tung4 maai4 nei5 fong2 dung1 chin4 chai1 ge3 go3 on3. nei5 hai6 mai6 yu4 ngaai6 mei5 a3? ngo5 dei6 ho2 m4 ho2 yi5 cheut1 lai4 gong2 leung5 geui3?」 kei4 man4 man6.

“Hello Madam. I am from the city. This is my employee ID. I am here to talk about a case involving you and your landlord’s ex wife. Are you Amy Yu? Can we chat outside for a little bit?” Kieran asks.


ngaai6 mei5 wa6/wa2:「 hou2 a1 hou2 a1. mou5 man6 tai4.」

“Yes. Yes. No problem.” Amy says.


「gam3/gam2 yi5 ngo5 ge3 lei5 gaai2 jau6 hai6 nei5 tung4 nei5 fong2 dung1 ge3 chin4 chai1 yau5 di1 man6 tai4. hai6 m4 hai6 jing3 kok3 a1?」

“So my understanding is that you are having some issues with your landlord’s ex wife. Is that correct?”


「hai6 a3. yi4 ga1 go2 fong2 dung1 jung6 seung2 gon2 ngo5 jau2. ngo5 yat1 jik6 dou1 hai6 hou2 hou2 ge3 jou1 haak3 lai4 ga3 ma4. ngo5 yat1 jik6 dou1 yau5 jeun2 si4 gaau1 jou1! ngo5 yau41977 nin4 hoi1 chi2 jau6 yi5 ging1 hai6 ni1 dou6 ge3 jou1 haak3 lai4 ga3 la1. yi4 ga1 keui5 dei6 gon2 ngo5 jau2 gan1 bun2 m4 hap6 lei5.」 ngaai6 mei5 jau2 maai4 mei4 tau4, mei4 sam1 jip3 sing4 jo2 yat1 tiu4 sin3.

“Yes. Right now the landlord is trying to evict me. I have always been a good tenant. I have always paid my rent on time! I have been living here as a tenant since 1977. It is not reasonable for them to kick me out.” Amy’s eyebrows come together in the middle, forming a crease.

「哦。咁講你走係咩原因啊?房東有冇講啊? 同埋呢一個房東嘅前妻係邊個嚟㗎?佢仲係咪喺度住㗎?點解會喺呢件事上面會涉及到佢嘅?」

「ngo4. gam2 gong2 nei5 jau2 hai6 me1 yun4 yan1 a1? fong2 dung1 yau5 mou5 gong2 a1? tung4 maai4 ni1 yat1 go3 fong2 dung1 ge3 chin4 chai1 hai6 bin1 go3 lai4 ga3? keui5 jung6 hai6 mai5/mai6/mi1 hai2 dou6 jyu6 ga3? dim2 gaai2 wui6/wui2/wui5 hai2 ni1 gin6/gin2 si6 seung6 min6 wui6/wui2/wui5 sip3 kap6 dou3/dou2 keui5 ge3?」

“Ok. What is the reason for the eviction? Did the landlord mention? And who is this landlord’s ex wife? Does she still live here? How is she involved in the situation?”

「嗰個女人好蠱惑㗎 !我同你講啦。佢晚晚都過嚟滋擾我。佢每晚都走過來吼我道門。如果我唔開門俾佢,佢就自己就咁入嚟!」

「 go2 go3 neui5 yan2 hou2 gu2 waak6 ga3 ! ngo5 tung4 nei5 gong2 la1. keui5 maan5 maan5 dou1 gwo3 lai4 ji1 yiu2 ngo5. keui5 mui5 maan5 dou1 jau2 gwo3 loi4 hau3/haau1/hau1 ngo5 dou6 mun4. yu4 gwo2 ngo5 m4 hoi1 mun4 bei2 keui5, keui5 jau6 ji6 gei2 jau6 gam2 yap6 lai4!」

“That lady is cunning! Let me tell you. She harasses me every night. She comes and knocks at my door every night. If I don’t open the door for her, she just comes in!”


「jik1 hai6 dim2 a3? keui5 yau5 nei5 uk1 kei2 so2 si4?」

“What do you mean? Does she have a key to your apartment?”


「m4 hai6 a3, tung4 maai4 keui5 dou1 m4 seui1 yiu3 la1.」

“No. And she doesn’t need one.”

奇文喺口罩下面咬咗一咬自己個下唇。佢而家開始唔係好明發生咩事。佢係新被委派嚟處理呢單case。本身處理呢單個案嘅工作人員辭咗職,完全冇同佢brief 過。再之前嗰個工作人員原來無啦啦喺處理呢單個案之後一個月得到重病。

kei4 man4 hai2 hau2 jaau3 ha6 min6 ngaau5 jo2 yat1 ngaau5 ji6 gei2 go3 ha6 seun4. keui5 yi4 ga1 hoi1 chi2 m4 hai6 hou2 ming4 faat3 sang1 me1 si6. keui5 hai6 san1 bei6/pei5 wai2 paai3 lai4 chyu5 lei5 ni1 daan1case. bun2 san1 chyu5 lei5 ni1 daan1 go3 on3 ge3 gung1 jok3 yan4 yun4 chi4 jo2 jik1, yun4 chyun4 mou5 tung4 keui5brief gwo3. joi3 ji1 chin4 go2 go3 gung1 jok3 yan4 yun4 yun4 loi4 mou4 la1 la1 hai2 syu5 lei5 ni1 daan1 go3 on3 ji1 hau6 yat1 go3 yut6 dak1 dou2 chung5 beng6.

Kieran bites his lower lip under the mask. He is starting to get confused at this point. He is newly assigned to the case. The last worker that worked for this case quit, didn’t even give him any sort of briefing. The one before that worker apparently fell seriously ill after working on the case for 1 month.


「ngo5 m4 hai6 hou2 ming4 nei5 me1 yi3 si1 a1.」 kei4 man4 jung1 yu1 dou1 gong2.

“I don’t quite know what you mean by that.” Kieran finally said.

「佢咪就咁入嚟囉。佢通常都會坐喺我張沙發櫈嗰度。佢咪啤住我同埋係咁叫我要交$20000租囉。但係個房東,佢個前夫,同埋我已經傾掂左係$13000 㗎啦嘛。咁我做咩要比兩萬蚊姐?間屋又唔係佢嘅。跟住佢就會發脾氣,將嗰啲嘢抌到周圍都係囉。」

「keui5 mai5/mai6/mi1 jau6 gam2 yap6 lai4 lo1. keui5 tung1 seung4 dou1 wui6/wui2/wui5 jo6/cho5 hai2 ngo5 jeung1 sa1 faat3 dang3 go2 dou6. keui5 mai5/mai6/mi1 be1 jyu6 ngo5 tung4 maai4 hai6 gam3/gam2 giu3 ngo5 yiu3 gaau1$20000 jou1 lo1. daan6 hai6 go3 fong2 dung1, keui5 go3 chin4 fu1, tung4 maai4 ngo5 yi5 ging1 king1 dim6/dim1/dim3 jo2 hai6$13000 ga3 la1 ma1/ma4. gam3/gam2 ngo5 jou6 me1 yiu3 bei2 leung5 maan6 man1 je1/je4/je2? gaan1/gaan3 uk1 yau6 m4 hai6 keui5 ge3. gan1 jyu6 keui5 jau6 wui5 faat3 pei4 hei3, jeung1 go2 di1 ye5 dam2 dou3/dou2 jau1 wai4 dou1 hai6 lo1.」

“She just comes in like that. She usually would sit at my armchair. She would stare at me and keep telling me I have to pay $20000 in rent. But the landlord, her ex husband, and I have already agreed on $13000. Why should I pay $20000? The house is not hers. Then she would throw tantrums and throw all my stuff everywhere.”


「dim2 gaai2 keui5 wui6/wui2/wui5 yap6 dou3/dou2 nei5 go3 daan1 wai2 ge3? yu4 gwo2 nei5 wa6/wa2 keui5 gan1 bun2 jau6 m4 hai6 chi4 yau5 ni1 go3 uk1.」

“Why does she have access to this apartment? If she doesn’t own the house?”


「 ngo5 gok3 dak1 nei5 m4 ming4 baak6 ngo5 gong2 me1 lo1. go3 fong2 dung1 ge3 chin4 chai1 saam1 nin4 chin4 yi5 ging1 sei2 jo2 ga3 la1. daan6 hai6 keui5 maan5 maan5 dou1 gwo3 lai4 man6 ngo5 giu3 ngo5 bei2 yi6 maan6 man1. yu4 gwo2 ngo5 m4 teng1/ting1 keui5 gong2, gam3/gam2 keui5 jau6 wui5 jeung1 ngo5 gwai6 seung6 min6 di1 ye5 yung2 saai3 lok6 dei6, dam2 dou3/dou2 di1 ye5 jau1 wai4 dou1 hai6.」

“I think you don’t quite understand. The landlord’s ex wife died 3 years ago. But she comes every night asking me to pay $20000. If I don’t comply, then she will push my stuff off the shelf, throw everything around.”


kei4 man4 am3 siu3. ni1 go3 neui5 yan2 dou3 dai2 hai2 dou6 ap1 mat1 a1?「 nei5 uk1 kei2 yau5 mou5 gaat6 jaat2 waak6 je2 lou5 syu2?」

Kieran chuckled. What is this woman babbling on about? “Do you have roaches and mice at home?”

「唔係㗎 !佢哋唔係老鼠同曱甴嚟㗎。我已經同左房東講過呢件事好多次但係佢都唔聽。佢鍾意佢個前妻留喺度啊。」

「m4 hai6 ga3 ! keui5 dei6 m4 hai6 lou5 syu2 tung4 gaat6 jaat2 lai4 ga3. ngo5 yi5 ging1 tung4 jo2 fong2 dung1 gong2 gwo3 ni1 gin6/gin2 si6 hou2 do1 chi3 daan6 hai6 keui5 dou1 m4 teng1/ting1. keui5 jung1 yi3 keui5 go3 chin4 chai1 lau4 hai2 dou6 a1.」

“No! They are not mice and roaches. I have talked to the landlord about this many times but he won’t listen. He likes having his ex-wife around.”


「nei5 hai6 mai6 ji6 gei2 yat1 go3 yan4 jyu6 ga3?」

“Do you live alone?”


「hai6 a3.」



「nei5 yau5 mou5 yam6 ho4 jing1 san4 waak6 je2 sam1 lei5 man6 tai4 ga3?」 yi4 ga1 ni1 yat1 hak1, ni1 go3 jyut6 deui3 hai6 yat1 go3 hap6 lei5 ge3 man6 tai4, kei4 man4 sam1 nam2.

“Do you have any mental or psychological issues?” At this point this is a valid question, Kieran thinks to himself.

「唔係呀!我唔係痴線㗎 !個房東個女已經打過俾警察好多次㗎啦。我已經俾人送咗去精神病院兩次㗎啦。佢哋已經同我做咗評估又乜又勿。我冇事㗎!我仲有醫生張紙證明我係精神上同心理上正常㗎!」

「m4 hai6 a3! ngo5 m4 hai6 chi1 sin3 ga3 ! go3 fong2 dung1 go3 neui5 yi5 ging1 da2 gwo3 bei2 ging2 chaat3 hou2 do1 chi3 ga3 la1. ngo5 yi5 ging1 bei2 yan4 sung3 jo2 heui3 jing1 san4 beng6 yun6/yun2 leung5 chi3 ga3 la1. keui5 dei6 yi5 ging1 tung4 ngo5 jou6 jo2 ping4 gu2 yau6 mat1 yau6 mat6. ngo5 mou5 si6 ga3! ngo5 jung6 yau5 yi1 sang1 jeung1 ji2 jing3 ming4 ngo5 hai6 jing1 san4 seung6/seung5 tung4 sam1 lei5 seung6 jing3 seung4 ga3!」

“NO! I am NOT crazy. The landlord’s daughter called the cops on me many times. I was sent to the psychiatric hospital twice already. They did assessments on me and stuff. And I was fine! I even have a doctor’s note proving that I am mentally and psychologically well!”


「hou2 la1. nei5 hai6 mai6 hang2 ding6 nei5 mou5 gaat6 jaat2 waak6 je2 lou5 syu2 waak6 je2 yam6 ho4 kei4 ta1 dung6 mat6 waak6 je2 chung2 mat6 yap6 gwo3 nei5 uk1 kei2 a1?」

“OK. Are you certain you don’t have roaches and mice or any other animals or pets that might have been in your apartment?”


「mou5 a1. nei5 dou3 dai2 ming4 m4 ming4 baak6 ngo5 gong2 mat1 a1? go2 di1 hai6 ling4 wan4 lai4 ga3!」

“No. Do you understand me? Those are souls.”


「keui5 dei6 hai6 me1 wa6/wa2?」 kei4 man4 dit3 jo2 ji1 bat1, keui5 na4 na2 seng1 pei2 dai1 jap1 faan1 ji1 bat1.

“They are what?” Kieran drops his pen and he quickly kneels down to grab it.


「 ling4 wan4 a3. gwai2 a3. go2 di1 sei2 jo2 go2 di1 yan4 a3. nei5 ming4 m4 ming4 ngo5 gong2 mat1 ye5 a1?」

“Souls. ghosts. People who were deceased. Do you understand what I am saying?”

「OK…」 奇文開始有少少失咗重心。

「OK…」 kei4 man4 hoi1 chi2 yau5 siu2 siu2 sat1 jo2 chung5/chung4/jung6 sam1.

“OK…” Kieran is losing his balance a little bit.


ngaai6 mei5 gai3 juk6 gong2:「 go3 chin4 chai1 m4 hai6 ni1 gaan1 uk1 yap6 bin1 wai4 yat1 yat1 jek3 gwai2 lai4 ga3. yau5 sing4 chiu1 gwo310 jek3 hai2 gaan1/gaan3 uk1 dou6 a1. ping4/peng4 si6 nei5 hai6 wui6/wui2/wui5 gin3 dou2 keui5 hou2 chi5 yat1 go3 ying2 gam3/gam2. daan6 hai6 fong2 dung1 go3 chin4 chai1, nei5 hai6 ho2 yi5 hou2 ching1 sik1 gam3/gam2 gin3 dou2 keui5 go3 yeung6/yeung2 ga3. nei5 seung2 m4 seung2 tai2 ha5 ngo5 gaan1/gaan3 uk1 dim2 yeung2 bei2 keui5 dei6 jing2 lyun6 faat3 a1? yap6 lai4 a1, ngo5 bei2 nei5 tai2 a1. ngo5 fong2 dung1 lau4 seung6 bong1 keui5 lou5 po4 baai2 jo2 go3 san4 toi2/toi4. ngo5 gok3 dak1 ho2 nang4 keui5 jou6 jo2 di1 sau2 geuk3 ling6 dou3 keui5 lau4 faan1 hai2 dou6 a1. gwo3 lai4 a1...」

Amy goes on, “The ex-wife is not the only ghost in the house. There are over 10 of them in the house. You would usually see them in the form of a shadow. But the landlord’s ex wife, you can clearly see her face. Do you want to see how my house is trashed by them? Come in, I will show you. The landlord has a shrine upstairs for his deceased wife. I think he might have done something to keep her around. Come...”


kei4 man4 yat1 lou6kick jyu6 geuk3 yat1 lou6 paau2 faan1 seung6/seung5 keui5 ga3 che1 dou6, daai6 giu3:「 m4 sai2 la1! ngo5 gam1 yat6 seui1 yiu3 ge3 jau6 hai6 gam2 do1 la1!」 Kieran trips and runs to his car, screaming “All good! That’s all I need from you today!”


ngaai6 mei5 yau6 joi3 chi3 kei5 faan1 hei2 hai2 yun4 dei6. chi3 chi3 dou1 hai6 gam2.

Amy is left standing at the same spot. Every single time.