Basic personal info


Hello, I have compiled a list of vocab for you on basic personal info, and some words on growth and development. This is all in preparation for the conversation episode next week .So you can learn these words first, when you get to hear the conversation next week, you then will be able to pick up these words quickly and have an easier understanding of the conversation. But of course, you do you. When I give you multiple words in Cantonese, the first ones are the casual version, when it’s formal I will say “formal”.

Name - 名[ming4/meng2/meng4]/ 名[ming4]字[ji6] /姓[sing3]名[ming4/meng2/meng4]

Age - 歲[seui3]數[sou3/sou2]/ 年[nin4]齡[ling4]

Birth/ be born - 出[cheut1]世[sai3]

Birth certificate - 出[cheut1]世[sai3]紙[ji2]

Date of birth - 出[cheut1]生[saang1]日[yat6]期[kei4]

Birthday - 生[saang1]日[yat6]

Address - 地[dei6]址[ji2]

Residential address - 住[jyu6]址[ji2]

Identity - 身[san1]份[fan6]

Identity card - 身[san1]份[fan6]證[jing3]

Nationality - 國[gwok3]籍[jik6]

State/ Status - 狀[jong6]況[fong3]

ID document- 證[jing3]件[gin2]

Gender - 性[sing3]別[bit6]

Woman/ female - 女[neui5]仔[jai2]/ 女[neui5]/ 女[neui5]性[sing3]

man/ male - 男[naam4]仔[jai2]/ 男[naam4]/ 男[naam4]性[sing3]

Baby - BB仔[jai2]/ BB/ 嬰[ying1]兒[yi4]

Child - 小[siu2]朋[pang4]友[yau5]/ 細[sai3]蚊[man1]仔[jai2]/ 兒[yi4]童[tung4]/ 孩[haai4]子[ji2]/ 小[siu2]孩[haai4]/ 小[siu2]孩[haai4]子[ji2]

Infancy - 幼[yau3]年[nin4]

Teenage - 少[siu3]年[nin4]

Adult - 成[sing4]人[yan4]

Youth/ teeanger - 青[ching1]少[siu3]年[nin4]

Puberty - 青[ching1]春[cheun1]期[kei4]

Acne - 暗[am3]瘡[chong1]

Old - 老[lou5]

Seniors/ old people - 老[lou5]人[yan4]/ 老[lou5]人[yan4]家[ga1]

Young - 後[hau6]生[saang1]/ 年[nin4]輕[hing1]

Young people - 後[hau6]生[saang1]仔[jai2]/ 年[nin4]輕[hing1]人[yan4]

Growh- 成[sing4]長[jeung2]

Growh/ devemlopment medical- 發[faat3]育[yuk6] (puberty)

Self - 自[ji6]己[gei2]

Individual - 個[go3]人[yan4]

Appearance/ looks - 樣[yeung6/yeung2]/ 樣[yeung6]貌[maau6]/ 外[ngoi6]表[biu2]/ 儀[yi4]容[yung4]

Face - 樣[yeung6/yeung2]/ 臉[lim5]孔[hung2] / 面[min6/min2]孔[hung2]

Beautiful - 靚[leng3]/ 美[mei5]麗[lai6]/ 漂[piu1]亮[leung6]

Ugly - 醜[chau2] / 醜[chau2]怪[gwaai3]/肉[yuk6]酸[syun1]/ 醜[chau2]樣[yeung2]/ 樣[yeung6]衰[seui1]/ 醜[chau2]陋[lau6]

Fat - 肥[fei4]/ 肥[fei4]胖[bun6]

Thin - 瘦[sau3]

Weak - 弱[yeuk6]

Strong - 強[keung4]壯[jong3]

Healthy/ health - 健[gin6]康[hong1]

Tall - 高[gou1] Big - 大[daai6]

Tall and big - 高[gou1]大[daai6]

Short (height) - 矮[ai2]

Small - 細[sai3] / 小[siu2]

Short and small - 矮[ai2]細[sai3]/ 矮[ai2]小[siu2]

Right - 權[kyun4]利[lei6]

Responsibility - 責[jaak3]任[yam6]

Defects- 缺[kyut3]陷[haam6]

Living / to live - 生[sang1]活[wut6]

Survive -生[sang1]存[chyun4]

Ability - 能[nang4]力[lik6]

Can/ Capable - 能[nang4]夠[gau3]

Personality - 性[sing3]格[gaak3]

Well - 好[hou2]好[hou2]/ 良[leung4]好[hou2]

Good - 好[hou2]

Quite good - 幾[gei2]好[hou2]

Fair - 一[yat1]般[bun1]

Poor - 差[cha1]

Very poor - 好[hou2]差[cha1]/ 惡[ok3]劣[lyut3]

To think/ to mentally process - 思[si1]考[haau2]