Exercise - Vocab

New Year & Goals

Complete the following exercise.

*Hints: If it gets difficult, the English translation is in white. Highlight the line below the Cantonese sentence to see the English translation.

*Answers are at the bottom.

Fill in the blanks. (highlight to see English meanings)

A. 成[sing4]功[gung1] Successful/ success/ to succeed
B. 決[kyut3]定[ding6] Decide/ decision
C. 講[gong2]拜[baai1]拜[baai3]/ 告[gou3]別[bit6] Saying bye
D. 全[chyun4]力[lik6]以[yi5]赴[fu6] Trying your very best
E. 新[san1]一[yat1]年[nin4] New Year
F. 開[hoi1]始[chi2] to start/ to begin
G. 半[bun3]途[tou4]而[yi4]廢[fai3] giving up halfway
H. 決[kyut3]心[sam1] Determination
I. 堅[gin1]持[chi4] Persist/ insist/ persistence
J. 失[sat1]敗[baai6] Fail/ failure

1. 你[nei5]喺[hai2]___________有[yau5]冇[mou5]咩[me1]願[yun6]望[mong6]呀[a3]?
In ________, do you have any wishes?
2. 我[ngo5]下[ha6]個[go3]月[yut6]要[yiu3]去[heui3]美[mei5]國[gwok3]啦[la1],我[ngo5]今[gam1]日[yat6]同[tung4]你[nei5]_____________。
I next month need to go to the U.S., I am here today to ___________ to you.
3. 你[nei5]幾[gei2]多[do1]點[dim2]鐘[jung1]__________上[seung5]堂[tong4]啊[a1]?
What time do you start having your class? - 3 o'clock.
4. 我[ngo5]每[mui5]一[yat1]日[yat6]都[dou1]____________朝[jiu1]早[jou2]6:00起[hei2]身[san1]跑[paau2]步[bou6],因[yan1]為[wai6]我[ngo5]想[seung2]我[ngo5]身[san1]體[tai2]健[gin6]康[hong1]啲[di1]。
I everyday ______ on waking up at 6am and jogging, because I want my body to be healthier.
5. 雖[seui1]然[yin4]你[nei5]今[gam1]次[chi3]____________咗[jo2],你[nei5]繼[gai3]續[juk6]努[nou5]力[lik6],下[ha6]次[chi3]一[yat1]定[ding6]得[dak1]嘅[ge3]。
Even though you ________ this time, you continue to work hard, next time you can do it.
6. 我[ngo5]煮[jyu2]嘢[ye5]食[sik6]好[hou2]難[naan4]食[sik6],但[daan6]係[hai6]我[ngo5]今[gam1]日[yat6]__________煮[jyu2]到[dou3/dou2]炒[chaau2]飯[faan6]。
My cooking is bad, but today I _________ cooked fried rice.
7. 就[jau6]嚟[lai4]考[haau2]試[si3]啦[la1]!所[so2]有[yau5]同[tung4]學[hok6]都[dou1]_____________咁[gam3/gam2]溫[wan1]書[syu1]。
Exams are near. All the students are ____________ revising.
8. 我[ngo5]____________咗[jo2]要[yiu3]同[tung4]佢[keui5]結[git3]婚[fan1]。
I __________ to marry him/her.
9. 我[ngo5]下[ha6]定[ding6]______________一[yat1]定[ding6]要[yiu3]學[hok6]好[hou2]廣[gwong2]東[dung1]話[wa2]。
I gathered my __________ that I must learn Cantonese well.

Answers: (Highlight to see)
1. E 2. C 3. F 4. I 5. J 6. A 7. D 8. B 9. H