Exercise - Daily Conversation

Chinese New Year

Listen to the conversation and complete the following exercise.

*Hints: If it gets difficult, the English translation is in white. Highlight the line below the Cantonese sentence to see the English translation.

*Answers are at the bottom.

Listen to the Cantonese Conversation and answer the following questions. (highlight to see English meanings)

1. Dummy 喺邊度攞到呢啲揮春?
Dummy 喺[hai2]邊[bin1]度[dou6]攞[lo2]到[dou2]呢[ni1]啲[di1]揮[fai1]春[cheun1]?
Where did Dummy acquire the Fai Chuns?
A. 屋企 - 屋[uk1]企[kei2] Home
B. 鄉下 - 鄉[heung1]下[ha2] Hometown
C. 樓下 - 樓[lau4]下[ha6] Downstairs

2. 通常啲人會唔會去威哥屋企拜年?
Do people usually visit Brother Way in Chinese New Year?
A. 會 - 會[wui5] Yes
B. 唔會 - 唔[m4]會[wui5] No

3. 榴槤帶咗啲咩俾Dummy? (Circle all correct answers)
榴[lau4]槤[lin4]帶[daai3]咗[jo2]啲[di1]咩[me1]俾[bei2] Dummy? (Circle all correct answers)
What did Durian bring for Dummy? (Circle all correct answers)
A. 蛋糕 - 蛋[daan6]糕[gou1] Cake
B. 芋頭糕 - 芋[wu6]頭[tau2]糕[gou1] Taro cake
C. 年糕 - 年[nin4]糕[gou1] Chinese New Year Cake
D. 蘿蔔糕 - 蘿[lo4]蔔[baak6]糕[gou1] Turnip cake

4. 威哥有冇帶嘢嚟送俾Dummy?


Did Brother Way bring any gifts for Dummy?

A. 有 - 有[yau5] Yes

B. 冇 - 冇[mou5] No

5. 嗰隻有白兔仔嘅糖叫咩名啊?


What is the candy with the white rabbit on it called?

A. 兔仔糖 - 兔[tou3]仔[jai2]糖[tong2]

B. 白兔仔糖 - 白[baak6]兔[tou3]仔[jai2]糖[tong2]

C. 白兔糖 - 白[baak6]兔[tou3]糖[tong2]

6. 糖 “Candy/sweets” 正確嘅讀法係?

糖[tong4/tong2] “Candy/sweets” 正[jing3]確[kok3]嘅[ge3]讀[duk6]法[faat3]係[hai6]?

What is the correct pronunciation in Cantonese for the word “Candy/ sweets”?

A. 糖[tong4]

B. 糖[tong2]

7. 榴槤一陣要做咩?


What does Durian need to do later on?

A. 去拜年 - 去[heui3]拜[baai3]年[nin4] Visit friends/ family in Chinese New Year

B. 整糕點 - 整[jing2]糕[gou1]點[dim2] Make cake items

C. 打麻雀 - 打[da2]麻[ma4]雀[jeuk2] Play Mahjong

Answers: (Highlight to see)

1. C 2. B 3. B,C,D 4. B 5. C 6. B 7. A